Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vacation day 2

Well, looky here! I am finally posting about day 2 of my vacation. Day 2 my plan was to drive along Highway 1 from Cambria, Ca to Monterey, Ca where I would find someplace to spend the night. The plan was to stop at every beach I could find. The day started cloudy and misty. It stayed cloudy and misty ALL DAY! I believe that Hwy 1 is very scenic, especially if someone else is driving!

The beaches in this part of California are pebbly as opposed to sandy. Here is a sample

Here is the first "wildlife" I saw too=-)

The coast of this part of California is completely different from Florida which is my mail coastal experience. Here are a couple of shots of the coast.

I stopped at several beaches, they were all cool and I picked up lots of rocks--Note: zip lock bags of rocks in your luggage leads to your luggage being searched and the plastic bags being sliced open so you end up with rocks in the bottom of your suitcase! You can find moonstone rocks and pieces of jade. It rocked! HA!

Then I found the beach that the sea lions have taken over as their own. It was like the nature channel Live! There had to be several hundred sea lions hanging out.

These two were practice fighting.

It's hard to explain how cool this experience was. It was one I would do again. You will notice that it is still misty.

Once you commit to being on Hwy 1, you are pretty much locked in. a lot of this area is state property and there are not a lot of bathrooms. I'm just saying-it's important to know.

The further north I went, the hillier it got.

I also got to see one of those regularly photographed double arch bridges.Pretty cool if you ignore how high up it was. I spent the night in Pacific Grove at the Sea Breeze Inn and Cottages. It was a really nice room for a really decent price. Ignoring the fact that I was misted on all day and it was cold and I really hate high, curvy roads with drop offs, it was a

really cool day!