Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cooking extrodinaire

So, being the gourmet I am, I went all out for dinner tonight. It is called a tv dinner in the microwave. I am catching a cold and all I want to do is sleep, so no cooking and incredibly easy clean up. I did pick some really cute orange cherry tomatoes though. And I did eat a cucumber I grew myself! I had hoped to be able to make pickles with my cucumbers, but you need 7 pounds and since I am getting one ripe at a time, that just isn't going to happen. I thought about buying some cukes to pickle and my aunt who is a professional pickler (at least compared to me) said NO store bought cukes. I am guessing they are covered in wax so won't work. I discovered gardening this year. Veggie gardening that is. I have a small back yard that is almost completely shaded. One area gets morning sunlight, but it had this massive rose bush and I can't see killing a plant that will let me ignore it and still grow pretty flowers. Well, this year it died!!!!!!! so I have about three feets worth of growing space until I move other plants. Iris's and mums. So I went crazy and planted 5 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants, some marigolds to keep away either squirrls or rabbits (I'm not sure which it keeps away), 6 cucumbers(they were all in one container, I figured survival of the fitest, they all survived, of course) some basil and some dill. I have gotten lots of little tomatoes and I have found, that I am not all that fond of raw tomatoes. I really like cucumbers, hence only getting one of those at a time. The basil is looking really sad too. Next year I am going to have more space so they have more space to grow. It is still a big thrill though=-) And I think I may be allergic to the actual plants or I got into some chiggers in the country this weekend. I have itchy bumps wherever the plants touched me. Oh well! I think I am going to go stare at the tv-hey, one of my shows is on right now (Criminal Minds) Talk to you later!

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