Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am a victim of crime! Had tuckpointing done on the house today and had to leave garage door open so the fellows could get to the electricity. This evening I took out trash and went to garage to bring in heater for the back room and the heater was gone! Now don't get me wrong, I am sure the owner/tuckpointer had nothing to do with the disappearance. He is a good guy and has done other work for Dad and I. He does a great job roofing and such. But the garage door was open and the heater was gone. My cold toes are pretty upset. The rest of me is like, bummer. Anyhoo, I am going to just take it as they will get their return on karma and maybe some poor small child will survive the winter because of the theft. They didn't take anything else in the garage. So it wasn't someone stealing it for the metal, it was next to my bbq grill. Sigh. So how was your day?

I would like to know why just about everyone in my department at work gets time off between now and Christmas and I don't. Oh, that's right! I used my time throughout the year rather than waiting til the last minute so I would not have to cram two weeks off into a month filled with holidays. What was I thinking?

Ok, this post seems to be my grumpy sarcastic Dena. Not cool. I'll try again later. I feel like I should put one of those huge spotlights in my back yard to scare away the criminals.

Ok, hmmm, I say ok way to much, will have to work on that=-) NCIS is on shortly and I feel I should get to sit and watch it since I have had a less than wonderful day.

Will write again soon.

Suprise picture:
Ahhhh, It is a shore bird on 17-Mile Drive near Pebble Beach. This was a day 3 picture. This bird has really great camo against the rock. This was in an area where you are not allowed to pick up rocks or seashells. What a bummer. If anyone goes out to the Montery area, I would suggest doing the 17-Mile Drive. It costs, but has some great stop offs and you get to see sea lions and otters and birds and trees and surfers. Wish I was there. It was sunny and beautiful on Day 3.
Ok, I promise I will do a blog about each vacation day. After I go buy a new heater tomorrow.
Eeek! almost 8.
Ciao for now!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Is it wrong for a good Presbyterian woman to pray to Saint Anthony for help finding her keys? I have found all sorts of stuff that I wasn't looking for. My camera case, the remote control, the pair of shoes that are comfy and look decent with work cloths. No keys. Must. Have. Sleep!

I read this other blog thepioneerwoman.com and one of her policies is to try and write something everyday for her readers, so that is what I am attempting, but I am afraid it is going to be really dull until I find those keys! I don't have a picture to go with this, so I will spontaneously pick another vacation photo. Here's hoping it is not blurry! And not another plain beach shot!

Ha! decent shot! I have better of the Sea Lions, but at least it is clear, I figured out how to put it lower in my post and it is day 2 of the vacation, so it is still in order!

Have a great day my friends!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Ok, I am giving you a vacation photo, because it only seems fair. I have lost my mind, I can't find my bible or my church keys and I know they have to be here somewhere. It is driving me crazy!
Ok, so I just picked a photo without previewing it. I am soooo glad it is a decent one. This is from day 2 of my vacation. I drove up highway 1 from San Simeon to Montery. It rained, well actually it misted ALL day! This was my stop at every beach I could find day. I was damp all day. I saw some really cool stuff and animals which I will post in a full fledged posting later-hopefully tomorrow.
I am going to go search some more. It just so annoys me when I can't find something I know should be right in front of my face. Plus Dad is going to wait at my house tomorrow for my tread mill, poor guy-hopefully it will come early so he can do his other stuff. I have to finish fixing the spot for it too. Sigh. I sooo own to much stuff!
Hey, is anyone doing anything cool for Thanksgiving?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vacation 2010 day 1

Vacations are the absolute best!
This year I decided that someday I wanted to go see the Pacific and the redwoods so why wait?
I flew into San Jose, yes, it was cheaper and the car rental was cheaper so away I went=-) I got there mid day and drove down to Cambria to spend the night. There are beaches down there where you can find moonstones and jade, just laying there on the beach. Too cool! I drove down Highway 101. It was a nice drive. A lot of it was surronded by fields of food. Some areas when you opened the window, you could smell veggies. It was kind of weird, like driving through a salad! The drive was fairly flat between mountains. When I turned off of Highway 101 to head to the coast, I ended up driving through the mountains. I am not a huge fan of driving through mountains, specially when it is getting cloudy and starting to get dark. Give me a nice wide interstate any day! So I made it to Cambria and stopped at a beach. If there is beach, you must stop. It is a law=-) Ok, in Dena world it is a law. The beach there is very pebbly. I am used to Gulf Coast beaches that are either sandy or seashelly. I met a lady there who was picking up rocks. I asked her what she was looking for hoping she was looking for moonstones and would show me what to look for. She was just looking for rocks, someone stole all her's when she moved. She was a talker. Meanwhile it was getting darker and darker and starting to sprinkle. So I picked up some rocks and head out to my hotel. I had a reservation in San Simeon which is about 6 miles north of Cambria. So I got there in the dark and rain. I hate dark and rain on vacation if I have no idea where I am going. And driving it did not seem at all like the maps I was looking at. I managed to find something for dinner and settled in for the evening, hoping beyond hope that it would not rain the next day! If unfulfilled wishes were nickles, I would be rich! Well, I'd have at least a quarter=-) Will write more later.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010



I find it so weird how I can think of a great topic at work and by the time I get home and am ready to post, zap! it is gone from my mind.

It is too incredibly hot here. Over 100. Will be over 100 tomorrow too. I think we should all be able to take naps when it gets to be this hot.

Well, I just wanted to say I am still here!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cooking extrodinaire

So, being the gourmet I am, I went all out for dinner tonight. It is called a tv dinner in the microwave. I am catching a cold and all I want to do is sleep, so no cooking and incredibly easy clean up. I did pick some really cute orange cherry tomatoes though. And I did eat a cucumber I grew myself! I had hoped to be able to make pickles with my cucumbers, but you need 7 pounds and since I am getting one ripe at a time, that just isn't going to happen. I thought about buying some cukes to pickle and my aunt who is a professional pickler (at least compared to me) said NO store bought cukes. I am guessing they are covered in wax so won't work. I discovered gardening this year. Veggie gardening that is. I have a small back yard that is almost completely shaded. One area gets morning sunlight, but it had this massive rose bush and I can't see killing a plant that will let me ignore it and still grow pretty flowers. Well, this year it died!!!!!!! so I have about three feets worth of growing space until I move other plants. Iris's and mums. So I went crazy and planted 5 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants, some marigolds to keep away either squirrls or rabbits (I'm not sure which it keeps away), 6 cucumbers(they were all in one container, I figured survival of the fitest, they all survived, of course) some basil and some dill. I have gotten lots of little tomatoes and I have found, that I am not all that fond of raw tomatoes. I really like cucumbers, hence only getting one of those at a time. The basil is looking really sad too. Next year I am going to have more space so they have more space to grow. It is still a big thrill though=-) And I think I may be allergic to the actual plants or I got into some chiggers in the country this weekend. I have itchy bumps wherever the plants touched me. Oh well! I think I am going to go stare at the tv-hey, one of my shows is on right now (Criminal Minds) Talk to you later!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hi! My name is Dena, I live in St. Louis. I am feeling a desire to share a little of me with the world. I have probably been reading to many other peoples blogs and think everyone wants to read about me since I keep reading about other people. We'll see what happens. I tend to do a lot of projects. My favorite craft is crochet. I like taking photos, although I am not all that good at it. I discovered veggie gardening this year, so I am sure I will share some of that=-). This feels almost like filling out a resume. Here are my skills, please hire me! Really, please do. Please? I am sure everyone must be gone now. Ok, so I'll just talk to myself. I also enjoy cooking and reading. I am a Presbyterian of the PCUSA variety. I have determined at this point I am not going to include my political beliefs. They say are are certain topics you shouldn't discuss with family. Those are politics and religion. Since I touched on one, I won't touch on the other. Hey! I also do geneology. Which I don't seem able to spell! I guess I should stop now, have to go to work in the morning!

Have a great night!