Monday, November 22, 2010


Ok, I am giving you a vacation photo, because it only seems fair. I have lost my mind, I can't find my bible or my church keys and I know they have to be here somewhere. It is driving me crazy!
Ok, so I just picked a photo without previewing it. I am soooo glad it is a decent one. This is from day 2 of my vacation. I drove up highway 1 from San Simeon to Montery. It rained, well actually it misted ALL day! This was my stop at every beach I could find day. I was damp all day. I saw some really cool stuff and animals which I will post in a full fledged posting later-hopefully tomorrow.
I am going to go search some more. It just so annoys me when I can't find something I know should be right in front of my face. Plus Dad is going to wait at my house tomorrow for my tread mill, poor guy-hopefully it will come early so he can do his other stuff. I have to finish fixing the spot for it too. Sigh. I sooo own to much stuff!
Hey, is anyone doing anything cool for Thanksgiving?


  1. Hey! Having dinner with you! Enjoy your tread mill

  2. That is our cool plan! I am looking forward to it. Wishing there weren't quite as much happening the rest of the week though.

    Found the bible, it was in the trunk of my car. No keys yet though. They are here somewhere, they are just hiding well!

  3. Beautiful photo!! How fun that you started a blog!! Can't wait to follow your adventures! Have a great holiday.

  4. Hi Joan! Thanks! I hope it stays amusing. You and Pat have been on my mind lately, how are you doing? You have a great holiday too.