Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vacation 2010 day 1

Vacations are the absolute best!
This year I decided that someday I wanted to go see the Pacific and the redwoods so why wait?
I flew into San Jose, yes, it was cheaper and the car rental was cheaper so away I went=-) I got there mid day and drove down to Cambria to spend the night. There are beaches down there where you can find moonstones and jade, just laying there on the beach. Too cool! I drove down Highway 101. It was a nice drive. A lot of it was surronded by fields of food. Some areas when you opened the window, you could smell veggies. It was kind of weird, like driving through a salad! The drive was fairly flat between mountains. When I turned off of Highway 101 to head to the coast, I ended up driving through the mountains. I am not a huge fan of driving through mountains, specially when it is getting cloudy and starting to get dark. Give me a nice wide interstate any day! So I made it to Cambria and stopped at a beach. If there is beach, you must stop. It is a law=-) Ok, in Dena world it is a law. The beach there is very pebbly. I am used to Gulf Coast beaches that are either sandy or seashelly. I met a lady there who was picking up rocks. I asked her what she was looking for hoping she was looking for moonstones and would show me what to look for. She was just looking for rocks, someone stole all her's when she moved. She was a talker. Meanwhile it was getting darker and darker and starting to sprinkle. So I picked up some rocks and head out to my hotel. I had a reservation in San Simeon which is about 6 miles north of Cambria. So I got there in the dark and rain. I hate dark and rain on vacation if I have no idea where I am going. And driving it did not seem at all like the maps I was looking at. I managed to find something for dinner and settled in for the evening, hoping beyond hope that it would not rain the next day! If unfulfilled wishes were nickles, I would be rich! Well, I'd have at least a quarter=-) Will write more later.


  1. Interesting post! And look! You posted a photo! Very nice shot ! We want to know more!

  2. I will post more, but not tonight, I am aiming at tomorrow night. I can chop veggies and blog=-) Thanks!